19 March 2008

Medical and Legal Clearance

I did end up having to get my wisdom teeth extracted. I ended up getting through it with minimal discomfort - after the first day, I never even used the painkiller I was prescribed; Advil was good enough. Well, except for the night that I convinced my family I was well enough to play Cranium. We had a blast, but the next morning I could barely move my jaw because I'd been laughing so hard.
Anyway, I got the extractions, organized my paperwork, sent it in, and prepared for a long wait before receiving medical clearance. That long wait (average time: 6 weeks) ended up being four days. Apparently it really does pay to be organized - when I sent in the medical packet, I had all the related documents clipped together, and I included a cover letter that listed what was in each group, including Peace Corps Document numbers. I also included photocopies of things that other people had submitted on my behalf.
Unfortunately, my legal clearance hasn't been so straightforward. They haven't contacted me with any requests for extra documentation, which I suppose I should take as a good sign. But they've had all of my legal paperwork since I received my nomination - in other words, for a great deal longer than they've had my medical documentation. I have yet to hear anything on that front.

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