07 April 2008

And the winner is...

Burkina Faso! I go to my staging area (TBD) on June 8th, and then on June 11th I fly to Ouahigouya, one of the larger cities in northern Burkina Faso. On August 30th, I will begin my assignment, teaching science in a secondary school. In French.

For the 11 weeks of training in Ouahigouya, I will be living with a host family, and working hard to pass proficiency tests in both French and whatever language is most appropriate to the area of the country I will move to in August. Ouahigouya is large enough that I expect to have intermittent internet access while there. Once I move on to my post, I do not know.

While in Africa, I will probably NOT have time to respond to emails, though I will do what I can. If I have internet access at all, it will be via internet cafes in the nearest city. And since my pay will be quite small, my online time will be limited. My first priority will be to update my blog. Fair warning.

Finally, if you wish to correspond via snail-mail with me while I'm there, send an email to my gmail address (soloDELETETHESEFOURWORDStoro at gmail dot com). I don't know whether I will even know the address I'll be at before I leave, but worse case scenario I'll send you a note once I get there. Or have someone in my family do so, if postage turns out to be prohibitively expensive.

02 April 2008

Still no word

Apparently when the PC website says you've been sent an invitation packet, you still shouldn't hold your breath. Still haven't received anything; I'm hoping I'll get a call soon, though.

Anyway, nothing to report. I'm just posting to test out the RSS feed.