05 January 2008

Minor update

I've received the paperwork for my medical review. It's every bit as thorough as I thought it would be. Mostly, everything has gone well as far as getting appointments set up is going - I got some immunizations yesterday, I have a physical on Monday, and a dental exam on Thursday. The only snag is that I'm having trouble getting immunization records from Oxford Urgent Care, where I got the series of Hep-B shots in 2001 for my job at the drug testing lab. I was hoping to have those records by Monday so my doctor could initial off on them, but not having them is not as yet a setback - I will have to have a follow-up meeting with my doctor to get the lab results anyway, so as long as I have the records by then, my paperwork isn't being delayed.
The major snag I *foresee* is with the dental stuff. I've never had any trouble with my teeth...but I'm fairly sure at least one of my wisdom teeth is impacted. Which means I'll have to spend money - lots of money - to have them removed, and my paperwork can't be submitted until I've done so. Oh well, no sense borrowing trouble. I'll know Thursday.

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