21 March 2008

Ok, I admit it

I posted that most recent update in the superstitious hope that right after talking about not receiving legal clearance, God would smile ironically and rectify the situation.

It worked.

Yesterday, I received a call from the Peace Corps Placement Office. She asked a few questions regarding the paperwork I'd submitted. I asked her about the legal hold, and she said it looked like everything in the packet was cleared, and something in the database just hadn't been saved to clear the hold. She said she would call the legal department, and that one of two things would happen. If they needed more paperwork, she'd get back in touch with me in a day or two to let me know what they needed. If they didn't, then she'd get back in touch with me in a week or two to talk about available programs.

Well, I just received an email saying my status had been updated. I went to check and my legal hold had been cleared (though my legal review is not yet marked as "Complete" either). According to the website, I was sent an invitation packet yesterday. So in a few days, I should know where I'm going.


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Margaret said...

Let the games begin :P