15 September 2008

Quick update

I'm in a hurry today, but just so everyone knows I was successfully installed in my site, and I've survived the first couple of weeks. Although really it was the first couple of days that were really hard, after that it's been easier. I've begun planting some moringa trees in my courtyard, and I know what classes I'll be teaching now (two maths and a physics/chemistry, all at the middle school level since that's all my site has), but I do not yet have a schedule.

I also already have a secondary project of organizing a room full of hundreds of books into a lending library. Step 1: Get bookshelves!

Hopefully next time I'll be able to post more!

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eileen said...

Are all the books in French? Or is there a combination of Moree and/or other languages? Guess you'll be needing help from some of the locals to get things categorized. It sounds like the kind of thing I would really enjoy. But I'm much too dependent on indoor plumbing to help you out... ;>) !
mama duck