14 August 2008

Winding down

Model school will be over soon. Next week is all review, tests, and reclamations, so I'm pretty much done teaching class until I go to site.

Not much to report otherwise. I'm on the hunt for good gifts to give my host family that reflect how truly awesome they've been. Oh, and speaking of that DOES remind me of something worth recounting...

A couple years ago, my host dad set up an organization that gives sensibilisations on things like HIV/AIDS, female circumcision, and autres choses comme รงร  (other things like that - this is one of the more common franglais-ed phrases among volunteers, so I thought I'd use it). So we set up a chance for stagiares to have a sensibilisation on excision (that's what female circumcision is called here). It went really well, we learned a lot, and the GEE stagiares in particular were happy about it, I think, because apparently they'd expected to have more on that topic in their training than they'd actually received. My host dad gave a really great talk, which included some rather disturbing models. I was very proud to be a part of their family that day.

A couple more additions to my wishlist - my safety razor (natch, that one is for mom and dad), and books on how to sail and how to maintain sailboats. While I can't practice sailing here, I can at least get the book-learning done: How to read charts, what to look for when buying a boat, etc. I don't need books in general, because there's a great reading library for volunteers. But for this specific topic, I could use your help.


Sharon said...

I have been looking through everyone elses pages and I can't believe how different you already look. Love the new look though. Jessica says hi and she misses you. We are all putting a little in and sending you a package soon still working on filling up more space. Miss you tons and was so glad to get a text from you on your birthday. My how the time flys when you don't live with me anymore. Paige is doing very well in school this year and your not going to believe this but she has joined several after school clubs. She is on the Science Olympiad team for the competitions, she is in a Math BB&T club learning about finance, she is in chorus again this year and she is also in drama. Can you believe that? My little wall flower is growing up. We both miss you terribly and I am positive we don't laugh enough because your not telling the jokes. Can't wait to read the next blog. Hope this finds you doing very well. I love you little bro. BE SAFE!!

eileen said...

Like I said, before...Sharon, Paige, Gma, Pat, dad and I will all be around the table on Thanksgiving. And, we have your place reserved. It is so much more fun to poke fun at you when you are here to counter-attack. Are you sure the PC won't send you here for a day or two?
It's not so much for a mother to ask, is it? Yep, we Irish mothers learned a lot about using guilt from the Jewish moms ! ;>)
Love you more than any other mom,