09 July 2008

Site Assignments!!!

And I can't tell you! Sorry, but that's the rule. I have to be careful about what information I give. What I will tell you:

  • It's not where I thought it would be.
  • The people speak Mooré. I requested Fulfuldé. Oh well. There's a non-zero chance I'll be able to find some people there who speak it - Fulfuldé is spoken in small pockets throughout the country.
  • I'll be teaching MATH!!!
  • I will get a new cellphone number because I have to switch companies.

I'm definitely pumped about my neighbors. My nearest neighbor is one of the PCVFs, so I already know that person and get along with them. And while by now I know everyone in stage and there's no one that I would be unhappy about being near, one of my two nearest stage neighbors is someone I hit it off really well with. I don't know the other one as well, but that person is also super nice.

Naturally as time goes on I'm sure I will let slip little details, like the names - or at least the genders - of those nearby individuals, but there's no reason to put so much information in one place where it could be found by faux types. But check out my links! Some of the stagiares put together a newsletter and included blogs. Go them! I should now have everyone in our stage who has a blog. And if any of THEM happen to put up information about site assignments...well, all the better for you with none of the administrative hassle for me! I haven't checked yet, but I don' think any have.


solotoro said...

I was wrong, some others have posted sites, but I don't think you can tell mine. I stand by my decision...for now.

Booyataa said...

You said, "There's a non-zero chance I'll be able to find some people there who speak Fulfuldé." If you do find them, would any of them like a free paper in Fulfulde? See http://soon.org.uk/fulani/free-papers.php

We mail them free of charge if specifically requested.

Thanks, Jane

eileen said...

How do these people find you ? The other bloggers just seem to get posts from family and friends. Saw some great photos of you. I believe you were wearing the Burkanabe clothes in the classroom shot. But you were sitting and I didn't get to see the pants. As Ms Duda usually says...
"double darn !"
Miss you more each day,
mama duck

solotoro said...

Hi booyataa,

Whether I find them or not, I will pass on your request to a couple of folks who are in Fulfulde villages!

Joey said...

Ok, so I'm really slow at keeping up! And now that I entered that phone number from an earlier post, you're getting a new one. Is the address the same? I have mails and stuffs to send you!

Things are changing around these parts, all for the good. Amy's doing great and is supporting me while I try to do this photography thing full time now. In the meantime we're looking to buy a house, and we're planning to go to Vegas in December. Yes, probably for that reason.

Glad to see you're doing awesomely amazing. Where are the pictures? Did I miss that, too?

solotoro said...

Hey man!
I haven't changed phone numbers yet, so call if you can. Actually, I will be on a different number for a few days during my site visit (see my newest post, though as I write this comment it's not up yet), but until you hear differently, this one still works. In fact, I'll keep this one as well regardless, I just wont use it as much.
Yes, the address is the same, at least until I swear in on Aug 30th and likely beyond.
I havent posted pictures. Picture taking and posting is a bit of a hassle here. Other people have done it, so check out their blogs. I will when I can. Since I knew this would be an issue, I actually have enough SD cards to save all my pictures for two years. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Congrats on all that good news!! Am I invited??