30 July 2008

Je ne suis pas David. Je m'appelle Moumbarak.

My family finally gave me a Burkinabé name. It's actually Arabic in origin as opposed to Mossi, but that's small surprise given that my family is Muslim. Anyway, my name here is now Moumbarak. Our family name is Maïga. I actually use that at our model school - I have told the students that I am M. Duckworth, but if they find that too hard to pronounce, they can call me M. Maïga.

Finished reading the Kite Runner. It was a great read, though not something I'd label uplifting. Anyway, I still have Don Quixote to read (no, I don't know which translation offhand) and it won't be too long before I have another chance to go to the PC transit house in Ouaga and pick up a couple more books.

Model school is going ok. I'm currently teaching quatrième Physique/Chimie. In general my students behave for me though today they were a little chatty. The other quatrième PC teacher got farther than me today - we'd kept pace with each other the first two days. But I forgive her. I have a class at 8 tomorrow, but I don't teach on Friday, so I should have time to both begin lesson planning for next week and slip in an extra language session.

I keep randomly losing credits from my CelTel account. I'm irritated enough now that I will be buying a TelMob SIM card in the next couple days. There are two downsides. One is that I don't know the plans. The other is that I will no longer be able to send or receive texts from the U.S. Actually, I've heard mixed rumors about that, so it will probably still be worth trying, but expect to no longer be able to text me. Of course, that's directed at my brother since no one else has anyway, to my knowledge.

By the way, I updated my contact info again - I had the info for the other website this time.


eileen said...

WELL,"I KNOW DAVID...and his name is DAVID!" :>) Congrats on your in-country name. Would love to see pictures of your host family and you in your Burkinabe dress.

SoloLobo said...

Happy Republic Day. Are they celebrating over there? Several pkgs. are on the way. Let us know when they arrive as it seems like you should have gotten something by now. Would be nice to have you new phone no. too so we can call again. And what about those pictures? You may be Moumbarak to them, but you're still David to me. - Poppa Duck

solotoro said...

I did get a package! I meant to include it in the email I sent mom, but my connection that day was too slow to do much. So I now have that kick-butt backpack, that Bridget complimented several times. I mention that because she is an avid hiker/camper, so she knows her backpacks. She helped me figure out what all the different adjustments were for.

Look at my contact info post for the new number again - I don't know who I gave the wrong one to.

SoloLobo said...

I guess I'm slow. I don't see a new no. for TelMob & I already have the other no. Or I'm not following the right link for the post you mention. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

Never mind - I found it.