23 June 2008

I'm weak

I broke down and went ahead and bought a cell phone. How else can we coordinate when we're going to the pool? It is free for me to receive calls or texts, so feel free - make that obligated - to do either as you can afford. It is expensive for me to dial or text out of country (it ain't cheap in-country, for that matter) so I won't be calling you. Plus I've lost my book of phone numbers. In short, if you want to receive a text from me, call me or text me!

Which brings us to how you do that. Short version: from your phone, dial 011 gets you out of the country, and Burkina's country code is 226. This is the most expensive option, unless you have some kickass international plan. Otherwise, I just heard at lunch from some of the other stagiéres (I think that accent is right) about a website that sells online calling cards that will get you Burkina Faso for about 20 cents a minute. It's http://www.pingo.com - I haven't tried it myself. Or you can just buy international calling cards at Wal-mart (watch the surcharges), or use the VOIP of your choice.

My host mom gave me a real-for-true Burkinabe outfit yesterday. It is AWESOME. The pants are calf-length, so they don't get filthy as I'm biking.

Friday we had a community mapping class, and I learned of an internet café near my house. I tried to use it all this weekend, but it's been shut. Happily, we got out of morning classes early today.

You now have FIVE WAYS to communicate with me: texting, calling, commenting here, emailing, and snail mail. Get on it, people!!


Margaret said...

I'm glad you're having such a blast!!!! When I get paid again, I might text you. Otherwise, I'll just comment on here. Or perhaps get my shit together and snail mail. Post a photo of self in new pants! :P

Maria-Isabel said...

Love your blog! Glad to hear you haven't gotten sick and appear to be doing well.

I am going to take some photos of ATL and people at Tech and send them to you so you can show us around.


Anonymous said...

bonjour david! i'm so excited to see that you're keeping up with your blog fairly well. it was quite entertaining to read the first few posts. continue to be safe, and take LOTS of pictures. adieu! --keisha

eileen said...

looking forward to seeing if you look like M.C.Hammer...send photo!

eileen said...

Jillian and the Roses have posted pics. Now it's your turn ! btw, check out Vincent's journal; he has great stuff ! luv ya, mom