12 May 2008

The date approaches...

I received my staging information today. There's not much to fill out, happily. I also received a couple of emails from Peace Corps Headquarters (it was very tempting to word that as "I've received a communiqué from HQ.") with some more forms. I need to go get measured for a bicycle. I wonder if it's as personal a measurement as the inseam.

Speaking of inseams, I've been packing, and I'm not sure what to do about the pants situation. I need a couple pairs of breathable, durable slacks. The ideal solution, in my mind, is washable silk. I even found some washable silk slacks on sale at SteinMart. Just not in my size. I'm tempted to try some similar slacks that are labeled "Dry Clean," but lack that crucial "Only." More likely I'll just settle for cotton.  I need to get a good bit of packing done this week, since Friday my family and I are going to visit friends and other points of interest (namely, the two tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world) in faraway locales. Well, far enough that we convinced Dad it was worth flying instead of driving.

Other things I need to do - get my brother on my accounts and get his power of attorney paperwork notarized and filed. Scratch that - first I need to clear up a couple questions I have about that paperwork (some clauses seem mutually contradictory). Fortunately, while professionally my life has fallen short of spectacular, I've at least been clever enough to remain friends with some successful people. Including a couple of lawyers.

While a recent question to one of my favorite websites did not generate any practical answers, it did get me in touch with a couple other people who are going to Burkina Faso next month. That's kind of cool.


Meighie said...

Hey dave!!
Im leaving for BF in June with you :)
Hows the packing coming along? French??


solotoro said...

The packing is ok. I've put together pretty much all of the non-clothes items I want to bring. But I haven't weighed the total package yet.
The French is so-so. When we get to the airport in France, they can tell me what gate our flight is at and I should follow ok. Anything outside of that, and I'll just nod and smile.

Or use my go-to phrase:
"S'il vous plaît, répétez plus lentement?"
followed immediately by "Que veut dire...?"

Susan said...

Glad to hear you're flying. That's a long ass drive! Enjoy the roller coasters!